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oh dear, got that wrong!

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I have a mountain of paperwork to do, including vat return :eek: so I brought it all downstairs to do at the table, rather than shut myself away from the dogs in my study. Izzy is a climber, and the latest game is getting on the table, I have taken her off with "NO" I don't know how many times this morning, but when she jumped up to pinch my bacon roll it really was the final straw. I picked her up and put her in her crate (I know, I know!) and she has been crying and barking for 15 minutes. :( I'm now waiting for her to stop so I can let her out again. Feeling like a bad, bad mummy :eek: and I can't get on with work ....
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..... she stopped crying, so I let her out .....and she jumped straight up onto the table! :ilmc:
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Ali .. I saw the bad mothering comment .. and thought no way not Ali ...

Ali we are only human .. we cant get it right everytime, never think you are a bad mother, you reacted thats all...

Please dont be hard on yourself :) please xxxx

We are talking about a bacon roll here.. I would flip too if my cockapoos took my bacon roll :) :)
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oh no not the bacon roll that would be my last straw too!! :D dont worry she doesnt seem bothered if she just got back on the table! :laugh:
I'd eaten the bacon roll by then, not that I enjoyed it as much as I would have :(
Honestly, this is meant to be guilt free mothering, did (and still doing) too much guilt stuff with the kids :D
Being a mum is being a mum ... to cockapoo or to child .. we always feel guilt .. think it may be part of it :S

& if we do it wrong someone will take great pleasure in telling us we have done it all wrong ha ha ha ... terrible really but true :)

We can only do our best in life xxx
Yup - I have a toddler (Izzy) and a teenage daughter, I know which is easier..... my boys were a breeze.....
oh, but Izzy sat at the door twice yesterday evening wanting to go out :) and she didn't wake until Ciara came down at 7am (she's not sleeping in her crate now)and now she's gazing up at me.... :love-eyes: :D
Dont worry Ali. We all have days when we think Uh-Oh bad mothering, rewind ;)

How does she manage to climb up, does she use a chair. Or is it one god almighty leap. LOL, I've just had a vision of her leaping, sliding uncontrollably along the length of your table, taking all your paper work, inc the VAT return with her. :D

Sorry, I wasn't much help here have a :hug: instead.
Yes, she uses a chair, I now have a room with chairs in the middle of it! She climbs constantly, and looks at me as if to say "well, you don't tell the cat to get off!" And she is sooo quick! Ah, she still loves me :love-eyes:
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What a cheeky girl! Don't feel bad! She wont hold it against you! :D
It seems to be her main mission today - to be on the table :D
I have made myself some Lady Grey, time for a doggy cuddle on the sofa :hug:
Oh Ali we all do it ...... sometimes it just pops out of our mouths before we've thought. I'm terrible for screaming 'nooooooo!' when Basil squats or tries to pee on the lounge carpet. I'm sure I put his toilet training back 2 weeks every time I do it but I just can't stop myself! ........sigh!

Karen xx
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