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Olive overload!

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I may have went a little bit crazy with the camera the other day! She is changing so quickly and i want to remember her early puppy days.

I love this one because she is running to me! She wanted that camera!

See total overload of pictures! I'm obsessed. With my puppy and my camera!
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she is beautiful! Keep taking the photos! :D
i know how you feel,i cant stop taking pictures of my girls,they are so addictive. olive is absolutly georgeous.:) never enough pictures.
Olive has definitely won the Aaaaaahhhhh factor in our household - she is gorgeous :)
Olive has the cutest little face ever!!!!! xxx
She is really just way too adorable! I love her face she looks like a really cute ewok! i want to give her a little snuggle!! keep the pictures coming!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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