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Opinions on castration please??

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Would be grateful for everyone's opinion for or against castration. Dylan is 6 months now and I have to make the decision. My thoughts so far:- absolutely hate the idea of putting him through surgery and having the recovery/pain etc. I believe there are preventative health benefits but would take my chances with that. The main reason I would get him done is to avoid frustration and constant mounting other dogs and objects and a very minor consideration is that most dog walkers/minders won't take non-neutered males (although the one I use occasionally at the moment doesn't care). Also, I've been told that he would be much less likely to be attacked by other dogs, and as he has already suffered a major attack, this is important to me. Please share your opinions and experiences with me. Thanks.
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You should definitely get him done in my opinion. The surgery isn't huge and its very unlikely anything will go wrong. Most dogs I've seen get neutered have little to no irritation or pain, so I think there would be nothing for you to worry about. In the end you'd be doing the right thing for your dog.
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