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Ordering NI for the first time any time soon?

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Just letting you know that I'm away for a week from Sat and will not be accessing the forum :( . So if you're planning your first order direct with NI and want to make use of our ILMC referral list then please PM me in the next few days to get a referral name before I go.

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You are such a devoted NI advocate Clare lol..... just thought I'd post ... free samples of NI at Northern meet, Sun 14th at Roundhay Park Leeds.. if people did nt know lol lol. Clare have a lovely holiday x
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Thanks Karen, I will expect the names to come flooding in after the northern meet. Have we found a dog yet that doesn't love Natural Instinct?
You probably already know but NI are doing 20% discount for friend to friend recommendations until end August. If anyone is thinking of changing, now's a good time.
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Hi Clare! We're going to do our 1st NI order after the weekend so please can you give me the details of the next referral person??

What an organised star you are :).

Harri x
I will be ordering probably on Tuesday, maybe Monday, so will need a name please!
Ladies, just caught these posts so will PM you names now.
Thanks Clare, I will PM you once I have ordered :D xx
Yay Becky, you are my name :D
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