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We had a much better start to last night with Oscar.. An hour or so playing and training in the crate was the starting point, then we kept him awake a bit more in the evening to help tire him out.

At bedtime Sarah took Dexie up to bed while I popped Oscar in his 'dungeon' I then sat ignoring him but in the same room, and lo and behold he was soundo within ten minutes. Perfect peace followed..
...until half 3 when he woke up. 20 ish minutes later more peace followed. For about ten minutes!!!!! From then all hell broke and to save an ASBO I went down and gave him a sound thrashing, well I mean I cleaned up his SOAKING wet crate and laid him back down again. By this time the little .... was wide awake :eek:

We have reckoned that he's waking cos his crate is wet, I know I wouldn't want to sleep anywhere NEAR that thing. Bit more bladder control and I think we'll have it sussed!!!! :smile:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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