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I would just like to make public my big thank you to Julia for our lovely Buzzbee. She guided us towards the right puppy from our chosen litter as we have two young sons and I'm so glad she did. Our Buzzbee is just the most adorable, gorgeous gentle puppy we could wish for. He is brave in new situations yet gentle and loving. We have attended 2 'puppy socialisation' classes at our vets and while a lot of the other puppies were very playful verging on snappy, Buzzbee spent the whe time either running around playing, or jumping over them or lying on his back saying 'just have fun, don't get so uptight' to the other puppies! I am so proud of him. He has never cried in his crate at night and at 12 weeks can sit and lie down to just silent hand commands.
My two boys aged 6 and 9, didn't watch much TV anyway but now hardly ever. The laughter I have heard from them while they are playing with Buzzbee, is priceless. The best thing we ever did as a family was to have Buzzbee and I would recommend it to any family.
So thank you Julia and Stephen for Buzzbee. He has made our family very happy!
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