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Hi Jo

We've also just had our first few days with Biba, our new chocolate brown (and white bib) cockapoo. It's been great fun but I'm exhausted. Biba has a lot of energy and it's quite difficult thinking up ways of entertaining her until she's allowed to go for walks. She looks so like Max, obviously a different coloured version! She has the same slightly cross/puzzled look about her, though her temperament couldn't be further from that! We think her eyes are more cocker spaniel than poodle (we have a 9 yr old poodle as well!) and her fur is definitely looking more spaniel as it's wavy, though that may change as she gets older. Unlike many cockapoos, Biba's mum was the poodle (black minature) and her dad a brown working cocker spaniel. I will get round to posting some photos soon, though her colouring makes it quite difficult to photograph her. She looks like a little brown ball in fur in all the photos so far! I will follow Max's progress with interest. Have fun with him. He looks gorgeous! Caro (don't know how to do smiley icons - will need my children to teach me!)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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