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our new baby

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hi, our wait is finally over!! Maisie has been with us for a week now and is almost 9 weeks old. it is hard to get photo's of her because she hardly keeps still!! i have tried to add a photo of her, hope it works!!


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How are you doing? I know what puppies can be like .... is she settling in well?

Maisie is very cute ... the pic is great :)
Welcome! From one Maisie to another!

What a sweet puppy. :)
hi Jojo, thank you. Maisie is doing really well and settling in great -only a little blip on the second night when she woke at 4.30am and cried a lot :( . she is going great now and sleeps through til 7am every morning when i go in to wake her :eek:)
i have just spent ages trying to add a pita pater so will see if it's worked!!
Hello Maisie, ;) how soon do they steal our hearts !!
Welcome to you both, Maisie is a beautiful and such a lovely name
7am that is very good.. my Eevee is up at 5.30am for a wee!! she is approx the same age as Maisie... so you are doing good :) enjoy xxx
thank you!! she is sooo gorgeous (but i would say that as i'm her mummy and possibly slightly biased!!!) we love her to bits. cant believe how well she has settled in. maybe this will help me pursuade hubby we need another one... or ten!!! :)
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They are catching .... I want another cockapoo each month .. warning....
Awesome. I almost picked one that looked pretty close to her. But we opted for the red/golden one instead.

She is a cute pup. The breeder I picked her up from only has the black female with the white chest left. I am tempted.
She is gorgeous and I wanted to name Beau Maisie but as our surname is Maizey my daughter wouldn't let me because the vet would be calling out Maisie Maizey! :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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