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Our NEW Kona is Coming Home Friday!

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We are so excited to FINALLY have our baby come home this coming Friday! He is different from our original pick for various reasons....Very happy with our choice! :D
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Congratulations. We bring our puppy home on friday too.

So have you met either of these puppies or did you just pick them based on looks? They are both gorgeous dogs!
So is he being shipped to you? How exciting!

Ours is a tri colour technically, but she is mostly black and white. She has tan eyebrows and a tan bum, that colour may develop more, but it doesn't matter either way to me! She is all black on top (except for a white forhead) and then all white on the bottom. It looks like she was dipped in white paint! We had a choice between her or her sister who is a blue merle. Her sister had gorgeous colouring and before we met the puppies i was leaning towards the merle. However i fell in love with Olive so we went with her.

I saw on another thread of yours that you like the roan colouring. I had never seen roan colouring before coming here and I think it's beautiful. I asked the breeder i am going with about roan colouring and she had no idea what i was talking about! I've tried looking for roan puppies around here (not for me, but just out of curiousity) and i can't find any. I had started to wonder if it was something found mostly in english cockers, but it looks like yours is a roan so i guess they do exist in North America!
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