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Hi all,
I had a text from my Hubbie this afternoon while I was at work saying
'Great. Key has broken off in the front door and I can't get it out. Also, Kipper met me at the front door so unless she has learnt to open her pen, Tracey (our dog sitter) must've left the gate open'

Well, I had visions of Stu being stuck outside the house, with Kipper being indoors going mental because she couldnt get to him, needing a wee (or worse) the house being chewed to bits and having to break a window to get in to her!!!

So, I rushed home as soon as I could, to find that the key had broken off AFTER he had gone in and apart from my slippers being by the front door instead of on the stairs, NOTHING was out of place or chewed or anything!!!! There was stuff left out all over the place that she could've had a field day with but she doesnt seem to have touched anything! No damage done at all, except we need a locksmith to get the broken bit of key out!

I'm so proud of Kipper!!:D We don't know exactly how long she was 'at large' but it was at least an hour! So.....do we start to trust her out of her pen a bit more, or was it a 'one off' ???!!!:confused:

Pip X
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