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Pareto :-)

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Such a cutie... if only he didn't think that going outside was just to sit on my feet!

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Oh my god he's gorgeous! :D & he has such a poodley face! Beautiful pup :)
AWWWWW! he is a gorgeous baby!!! those eyes!!

he will get the outside thing soon...lol.
Pareto! What a gorgeous little :baby2: you are. I am a bit partial to black pups ;)
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Oh he is gorgeous...I just want to squidge him and a lovely name too
Definitely looks like a puppy you can cuddle all day long!! Gorgeous!
Thanks all... he is gorgeous :)

Oooh! He is lovely! Lots of Cockapoo cuddles for you! :D
Ah ... you realise how small he is with that Kong thingie x
Aww! :D I LOVE his nose <3 so so so cute :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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