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Pen v Crate

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Hi, I will be collecting my new puppy Hattie in about 4 weeks time and as I last had puppies 15 yrs ago and sold all my crates I need to start again. She will have a crate in the bedroom with room for a wee pad and a crate in the car. I am considering a pen for the lounge similar to the one she is in now it is very robust and won't wobble if she jumps against the sides. I thought of going for 900mm high to prevent her trying to climb out. There are some scary you tube videos of escaping puppies! She would be in there when I cannot supervise her or if I have to go out and cannot take her in the car. I know a large crate would solve the problem but I would be interested in your views. My house is quite small with no utility room and not enough room for a crate/pen in the kitchen. Also the back garden is off the lounge so good for quick exit!
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I have a crate and a pen for Remy. She sleeps in the crate once or twice during the day and also overnight but I also pop her in the pen when she needs to chill away from our other dog or so I know she's safe if I'm busy. Remy hasn't tried to climb out of the pen but my other dog, Flo, did manage to scale up the inside of and jump out of a waist high pen when just 8 weeks old (although I had put her in it and night and she climbed out in desperation to find company I think.

So I would recommend having both as puppy will then get used to as many scenarios as possible.

I have just put both Flo and Remy iin the pen while I hoover to get Remy used to the noise and to stop Flo trying to 'save me' from the hoover so still getting good use out of it 2 years on with Flo. I also take the pen camping so they have a safe place to relax and are used to being confined when it's not possible or convenient to have them running free or tethered.

Good lucj with your new puppy - do you have any pics :D:D
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Hi Sue, I'd definitely go for the taller pen. My pup climbed out of his pen right away - so ended up with the tallest possible and tall stair gates. Also made the mistake of putting an open crate inside his pen. He immediately climbed on the roof of the crate and over the pen. He'll happily go in his crate in the car and in the bedroom at night - but not during the day. (Howls like crazy.) You never know Hattie may be more co-operative - but they do seem to be climbers generally. Good luck!
Thank you both for this looks like a large crate will be best at first may invest in pen later.
Vincent hates the crate when locked.... but needs somewhere safe and enclosed to sleep... so we have a crate inside a pen!!!

It means he can get out and have a little walk, and pee area and play.

Although we might have to buy a bigger pen and crate soon, he's grown very quickly!!
Also made the mistake of putting an open crate inside his pen. He immediately climbed on the roof of the crate and over the pen.
I had that problem with Flo and she managed to get out of a waist high pen that way. I agree that a 30-36" crate would be a good starting point for overnight then follow with a pen for the day when you are around but just want them to settle. :D
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