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Has anyone here ever ordered your pets meds from Petcarerx.com? I just got 6 months of Interceptor for Axle on there, after I completed the ordered I then realized it was not 1800petmeds. I am sure it is fine. The pricing was only a $2.00 difference but I just wanted to know if this was a site anyone else has used before. Thank you.
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Hi Jess - I've used them and they were recommended by my Vet believe it or not, she told me that I would be able to purchase medications much cheaper from them. They are very reliable and stand behind everything they sell.
Ok that is good to know. Thank you! :)
So my vet called me today and said that they would not allow me to buy meds online. I did not even know they could do that. They cancelled the order and I got my money refunded. I am a lil upset about this. The vet is charging almost triple for Axle's interceptor versus online.
I really don't think they have the right to do that - next time your puppy needs a Rx - I would tell your vet that your want a written Rx for the meds, that you can purchase them elsewhere for 1/3 of what they charge. If they still refuse you might want to consider looking for another vet.
Just another way for them to make $$... My mom ordered Cocoa's heart worm pills from 1800petmeds and our vet wouldn't fax the prescription to petmeds, so my mom ended up having to buy them from the vet. I agree with Marlene, next time you need something, I would get a written Rx so that you can get whatever you need for less somewhere else. My mom also said that at our vet's, they have a sign saying it will cost $10 for them to give you a written Rx. Not sure if your vet will do the same. But in the end it would cost less to pay $10 to get a written Rx, than pay way more for the meds. I guess they have to make their extra money somewhere.. Seems a bit rediculous though, doesn't it??
I agree. I do not feel like they have the right to tell me no. It is like taking your kid to the doctor, then wanting to take their prescription to walmart and the Dr is like "No, you HAVE to go to CVS" I do not agree one bit!
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