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For those of you who are interested , join petforum and check out some of our recent members and you will realise for yourselves the reason for joining this site. The post are about JD's grooming videos. That's if they don't quickly remove their posts.Enough said.
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hi Jayne, ive been on petforum and have seen a few posts myself, on one of the posts the members were wanting to come on here to stir things up, most that are coming on here have changed their username but it's not hard to work out who's who. X
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And just before anyone says.... I haven't pointed the finger at anyone in particular, if you have joined recently it doesn't necessarily have to refer to you.
i think its best that if i see a post that i think is for the wrong reason's im going to ignore it, hope it will just sort itself out and people can get back to just being nice and full of friendly advice.
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QUOTE FROM PETFORUM'No health tests for the girls, and only pra for the boys, cutting corners all round, and what a ridiculous assumption to say the pups will be 60% mum/40% dad?? It's one of the most misleading puppy farming websites I've seen, it really does try to get people to think they're *reputeable*.'

Quote from petforum by one of our recent members, makes it clear to me why they all joined. Kendal Dave please take action !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
QUOTE FROM PETFROUM 'o this was the actual breeder I told you I had a debate with over this subject regarding 60% and am still waiting for my answer!!!

I also had another debate over their theory of 18 variables of cockapoo.

and yes as I have been saying to you all many times, I am fair and try to see both sides hence why I as a cockapoo owner is challenging a cockapoo breeders theories '

Wow, interesting but not surprising. :tapedshut:

I will say that as I spend more and more time looking at websites for dog rescues in my area and see how many unwanted animals there are, I don't think I could ever buy a puppy again from any breeder. But I do love my cockapoo :)
Kel issue is not that, it's that these members have a clear agenda for joining this site and stirring up trouble, all of which they have denied
Kel , those were not my quotes they are quotes from another forum left by recently joined members on here who have clear issues for joining this site, all of which they deny
And another quote

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18-07-2011, 03:41 PM

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I have recently joined a new forum whose members wouldn't last 5 minutes on here and the MODS would be worn out!

One member has today first implied I was lying when I said even with my beloved crosses there are still puppy farmers and BYB's out there.

Wants a forum of fluffiness and for people not to challenge anyones opinions.

and has just gone onto my post about my dog to ask why is my location: fending off the numpties.

Think you have answered your own question there love

Thank god on here that despite the odd dispute and upset we are in the main a bit more robust and can have a laugh and not take it all sooooo seriously all the time.

Plus I nicked that location off one of you lot
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For gods sake do we really need this debate starting again????? we've been through this enough times haven't we???? from my view it seems that anyone who may make even the slightest comment again Stephen and Julia / Jukee Doodles is automatically wrong. I am sure, having met Stephen and Julia, albeit briefly, that they don't expect everyone to agree with them all the time.

i have always loved visiting this forum but all the stuff that has gone on recently with this constant trying to get people removed for having any opinion that differs from others, assuming people have joined for ulterior motives and asking moderators to ban people has seriously put me off this place.

can we PLEASE all just live happily here and just enjoy our amazing cockapoos which is why we are all here.
Jules the point is if you look on petforum , these members clearly came on here to cause troble and yes you are right we need we all have different opinions BUT they clearly have their opinions that they are forcing onto others.
Jayne, if you read my posts in the thread about ethical/commercial breeding, you will see that I know what you mean. I haven't read any more of that thread though, after my last post in it.

And I easily found and read the video grooming comments on petforum before you posted the quotes.

But like I originally said... :tapedshut: It's a public site (well, it's Dave's site) and I am not the internet police so I will just "mark read" when I need to or just not come on here. :)
I think just ignore them Jayne some people think their right what ever you say or do you know who they are so just dont have anything to do with them.

Ive had a quick look on petsforum and found it all abit boring to be honest ,i love the funny banter we have on here and dont care that i dont know as much as them about dogs etc ,all i know is my puppy has has a new and loving home and he will have a wonderful life with us and thats all that matters really.
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they are not forcing their opinions onto others, anymore than you are forcing yours onto others by wanting some people banned etc from here for their opinions. they choose not to agree with the way Julia is grooming, but it is just that, their opinion. just as many people may say they would prefer to get a dog from a hobby breeder where a puppy is brought up living in a family home etc. others will prefer to go to Jukee etc where they are breeding dogs as a business not just as a hobby.

i really think we all just need to move on. i don't see anyone forcing their opinions on anyone, just people all seeing different sides to every situation. if anything it is you that seems not prepared to let this drop and i don't understand why??? you've only been on this forum a short time (as have i) and it was happily ticking along well before we came along, yet you seem to want to get some people banned. as has been said before, block them if you don't want to interact with them and i don't feel bringing up posts from another forum is helping in anyway.

please can we just all get back to talking about our lovely dogs as a first time dog owner, the advice and support you get from this forum has been invaluable.
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