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Photos of my gorgeous boy Marley

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Marley & Lucy (his wee sister)

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Gorgeous pups - are they both yours?
Marley and Lucy are both gorgeous, I see why you call Lucy the little sister. Welcome to the site. I only joined the site a week or so ago, I too had been visiting the site for a while to gain information. We're on a waiting list now but have a long wait until Spring/Summer next year. Photos of lovely dogs like yours will certainly keep me going! :)
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Thanks Julie & sarah

The bigger one Marley is mine and the wee one is his sister Lucy who my mum has.

They are both gorgeous, but when they're together they can be a bit of a handful lol :D
aww how old is Marley & Lucy? Looks like my Blossom.xx
Hi Tammy

Marley & Lucy are 16 weeks.

Marley does have a look of Blossom (love the name)
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awww so cute! Our pup Vincent was the smallest one too, his brothers were so big compared!
aww so cute, love the 2nd photo with the paw

will you be getting both or one of them nutered?
Is he 16wks on your first photo? Blossom is starting to look like Marley on the pic (fur is growing & gettin a bit bigger). They are lovely, I hope they are being good, we are getting there but it is hard work!! lol.xx
Thanks Rufini isn't if funny how the same litter can be so varied? Marley was 3.4kg at 10 wks and Lucy was just a wee tiny 2kg :)

Thanks Kendal, yeah my mums getting Lucy neutered... better safe than sorry!
No Tammy think he was abot 12 wks in that pic.. his coat is lovely and fluffy and just a wee bit curly.. though it is getting longer and thicker everyday lol
Gorgeous pups both of them :) How old are they both? The girl is quite a lot smaller.
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