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a very wet walk. but was fun to see all the cockapoos together. sorry the photos are so blurry, i have never realy taken photos in the rain. got some damp sleepy cockapoos in our house.

i think i have snapps of all the cockmapoos,
my 4
Mitzy & Peppa (B/W & Black puppys)
Wee Molly(in the blanket)
poppy & Rosie (black with harnesses)
Izzy (the poser giving me the "i wat treats eyes")
Teddy (jaket with furr colllar)
Findly(yelow jaket)



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Very wet but also very wonderful to meet everyone and their dogs.

My poor wee droont rats were the reason I didnt stay for a coffee, felt they had been wet to the bone for long enough and I needed to get them home to dry off.

I've always thought it was Peppa that spent a lot of time trying to climb my legs but from the photos I now know its Mitzy! Hopefully it will settle down as she gets more confident out and about.

A bit of sun and it would have been perfect.

Looking forward to doing it all again :)

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Nice video, Colin - the cockapoos had no problem with one another at all, not a cross word/bark:) They are great wee dogs. Weather has cleared up here today - very cold but bright - sod's law at work:rolleyes: but it was good to see everyone and the poos.
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