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lol you know mandym on the other forum is getting pyper well pyper is queckas ant i think they are both classed as blue meral but quica is someting els isnt she is just stuning lol it was me who found the first vidio of her and fell in love. its normaly my mum who goes gaga over puppys but with quica OMG she is stunning lol we sent photos to out bredder so ahe know if she ever gets one like her she will contact us. but its unlikely as they only seem to turn up in 3rd generarion cross, and only if one pairent it meral, if both are mearal you have a high risk of the pups being deff. thats why mandy is impprting her from America. its not a colour found in the uk.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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