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Lovely reading such great threads & messages! There is a lot of Cockapoo adoration out there (quite rightly) :)
My little girl, Pip is now 2 & a half and we have negotiated our way through the usual puppy ups & downs. It's so rewarding to see their personalities develop. She's created her own game of 'hide-&-seek', which involves stealing a slipper in the night (yes, she sleeps with me) then gets very excited in the morning as I go hunting for it. Frustrating when I'm in a rush - but hey ho! She also likes to hide her stolen booty in the garden. I swear she's laughing at me whilst I hunt for my glasses, etc.
So, I thought we were on the home strait - but no :( Pip, [whilst obviously devoted to me] - is very 'doggie' orientated. She grew up along side my daughter's collie pup for 6 months. On walks, she actively invites other dogs to play. I've recently returned to work, part-time, so have been using a dog-walker. Excellent for Pip as she loves being with the other dogs. Unfortunately, when I now take her out, if she cannot see another dog to play with, she sticks the anchors on and won't budge, sniffing the air & looking around forlornly. She's not motivated by ball play, unless it's to steal it from another pooch. It's left me feeling quite sad & a little rejected....... any advice gratefully received :)
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