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playing / bonding with puppy

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I got my puppy last week and I named it Lily and I was just wondering what I can do with Lily to play with her. I feel like she gets bored of her chew toys easily, and she'd much rather spend time with me (she's very clingy). Lily is only 9 week old, so she's little. She weighs 4 pounds, and has a small mouth. I want to get her a tennis ball, but I don't think it'll fit in her mouth. What can I do to play with my puppy?:)
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small rope toys were great when Lady was little....or a donated sock...they just like to chase things that move. Kongs are great fun. tennis ball likely wont fit in her mouth.
They love to play fetch from a very early age. Get a soft toy - the ones with a soft body and twisted rope arms and legs are ideal and play with it with her then throw it for her to bring back - they catch on quite fast. Also they LOVE tug of war but not everyone likes to encourage that as it can develop bad habits.
Play hide and seek. Put her in a room, say stay (if she doesn't know it yet, have someone block her) run to another room, and get behind a door, under a blanket, in a shower, behind the kitchen table, on a bed, ect. Before she understands you want her to hunt you, make it very easy, like leave body parts poking out or something lol. Dogs really love this one, and you'll get a laugh out of seeing them check behind toilets and in trash cans and other such inposibble spots. :rolleyes:

'Lo as a pup (she's to fast now lol) enjoyed tag. I'd race from one side of the house/yard to another, and at each end she'd get a small treat for following them I'd run off again.

Training is fun for you and her if done right (lots of treats, lots of praise) and she's just at the age where she'll soak it up like a sponge.
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thanks for the replies!
i'm curious, is it too early too train my puppy to do commands? Lily is only 2 months old, is she ready to be taught tricks and commands?
You can start simple ones right away, sit is always good easy to get their bums on the floor with bringing a treat close and luring their nose up, nose up means bum down...simple stuff she will get fast. they are smart little things.
Definitely start training. Sit and come are probably the easiest to start with and if you are throwing toys for her you can teach fetch. If she follows you around you can teach her heel as well.
Lolly is 10 weeks and has already learnt sit and is learning lie down. Clicker training works well
Snap - within a week Noodle understood sit, paw, stay, down, fetch and drop. Ha! I sound like one of those bragging, pround mums! She is much cleverer and picks things up much quicker than other puppies we've had in the past and seems to love learning! I think this is a trait of cockapoos.

She's got toys - but her favourite is just an empty plastic bottle which she can't actually get her mouth around so she chases, and chases, and chases it round and round. Quite amusing!
'Lo started her training at 6 weeks. By 7 she has come, sit and down. By 9 weeks she had like ten tricks leaned, it's been so long I forget which ones lol. Pups learn fast, do not be afraid to start! The trick is to train all day, all the food should come from a treat bag and all should be worked for in fun ways. This teaches the dog to always be 'on' and willing to work, and it makes it a very enjoyable experience too. If you're looking for it, you can see and treat thousands of things every day. She'll naturally through the day go potty, sit down, come to you, fetch a toy, stretch, yawn, shake off ect. All of these can be put to a word.
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