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Please help!! Having a really bad day!

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Hi all,

Some desperate advice needed!!

Rigby is 14 weeks old and has been doing really well with his toileting- generally holding his poo's for walks and wee's on walks and in the garden. He has had the occasional wee accident inside when I haven't spotted his cues to go outside.

However today he has poo'd both in my bedroom and my sons and then later wee'd on my sons bed!!!

I feel so upset about it coz I thought we were making good progress- why would he do this??!!

The poos were this morning so could be because he is used to doing the school run at 8am and always poos on that and today we didn't go out till 10 (obviously I let him out in the garden regularly). But the wee on the bed was as soon as we got in from a lovely long walk where he had already done lots of wees- HELP!!!!!

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With puppies its always one step forwar two steps back. it will pass. i would maybe keep him off the beds for a bit. some dogs do this to assert their position in the house.

delta is still a pain, she will hold her pee for as long as needed. but if she eats anything she needs to poo there and them no waiting.

it could just be a one off he us having a bad day himself. i wouldnt worry too much.
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do not get to disheartened it sounds like you are doing well. i agree with kendal sometimes they have bad days and just forget especially when there is a shift in routine ,keep going .

There will be times like these even when they go through the toddler stage you are bringing children up not much differance really xx

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It is very frustrating, I completely understand how you feel. It is true though, just when you think you have cracked it then there are accidents.

Go back to basics again, take Rugby out regularly with lots of praise everytime he does his business in the right place! We went backwards and forwards lots with Daisy and some of it was my fault for relaxing with the toilet training a bit too early on.

Try not to be disheartened, it is very normal. :)
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Unfortunately dogs don't always respond how we think they should. The poos may have occoured as you missed the signal about going out. I found this changed with age and now if Hattie is particularly overexcited it is a cue to go outside, also the walk may have made him excited and he was probably beside himself and unable to hold it. Take a deep breath go back to basics of watching for signs and you will be ok
Dont worry your not alone weve all been there,only last month Buddy was upstairs and he looked at me and did the longest wee ever all over my cream carpet (while still stareing at me !!)
I reckoned to have posted earlier but it must be floating round the ether.... I should nt beat yourself up, put it behind you. If you search for weeing on the bed someone else had this issue sorry cant remember who but I'm sure it did nt become a habit ... you could read what people posted then x x
Just to add my tuppenceworth, it's early days, keep smiling, he'll grow out of it. Sometimes it does help to share though :hug:
Thanks so much everyone!

I feel much better

At New Year Oakley decided to poo behind the sofa & then in the hallway (we think it was something he ate). A few days later he went in various places in the dining room (mainly under the table) & again as it was "loose" we think it was something he ate on a walk. He is brilliant most of the time but there are always the times that catch you out!!!
One of the poos who thought it was OK to pee on my daughter's bed was Teddy:eek: I think he did it about 3 times in all, but it didn't become a habit. The solution is, as others said, extra vigilance - if he shows signs make it very clear that he goes OUT! I yelled at Teddy and he hustled donstairs at a rate of knots, and finished his pee outside:D He hasn't done it since, thank goodness. Rigby is still a baby - he will get it:). (I remember Teddy also used to follow people into the bathroom, and for a time did his business on the bathroom mat. I am sure he thought that he was in the right place - if the family did it in there, and he was one of the family.......:) Rigby will be fine!
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Hi, it sounds like the toilet training is going really well and its just one of those days.I remember when Eddie was around that age he just had this day when he did three wees on the floor, and we just thought 'oh no all that hard work for nothing', then next day he was back to normal and going outside.Just before xmas because he hadnt weed inside for ages we thought lets get rid of the pile of newspaper at the back door and put the doormat back, within an hour he did a wee on it, however the doormat is now in place again and remains unweed upon [fingers crossed].Good luck with the training.
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