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poor Pippa

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Pippa went in to get spayed today. When we arrived at the vets Pippa was wagging her tail and was really excited to see everyone. It was a slightly different story when I went to collect her. I felt really guilty and so sorry for her. The nurse said she had been feeling sick and a bit down. She came out with a head collar on, her head was down and her tail this time was not waggng. She just sat there and didn't want to walk, when we got home we had to bring her bed to her and carry her into the lounge. She has slept a lot but every so often she makes small whimpering noises like she is crying. My 9 year old ended up crying as she was used to seeing her running around. I'm not sure how she will be tonight but I'm hoping she will feel a lot better tomorrow. I don't think she is going to lke this head collar, which she is supposed to wear for 7 days. Roll on next week
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Hi Avril, in my experience (two girls both spayed) she will be completely different tomorrow.

The change in 24 hours can be amazing, but just keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't fiddle.

Good luck

Oh she will be so much better tomorrow - they bounce back so quickly and then you worry about them bounding around too much ! Big hugs for Pippa xxx
Poor Pippa, its no fun for them. But sleeping is a good thing for anyone recovering from an operation. Where does she sleep, maybe she can sleep near or within earshot of you.

I must admit that our rule of no dogs on the bed completely vanished onced Millie was spayed. We felt so sorry for her that we'd lift her onto the bed for a cuddle.

Sorry Pippa is feeling rotten. If she hates the cone then buy a babygrow (measure her from neck to bottom to get some idea of the size as we got Beau 18 months to 2 years) as it is much more comfortable for them. There are photos of both Millie and Beau (Millie's is better as she is laying on her back so you can see how it fits and she does look very cute) on the site wearing theirs :)
Hi Avril

Poor Pippa, hope she is feeling more comfortable today. Did she have a keyhole spay or conventional??
It would be lovely to meet up again at the lookout when Pippa is fully recovered - she is gorgeous!!
if the head collar is going to be an issue get a toddlers vest and put it on her, that will stop her getting to her stitches but wont restrict her.

she will be fidgety, and a bit soar, we always gave our girls a a half ibuprofen twice a day for the first couple of days.

remember its more or less a hysterectomy that she has had so its understandable that she will be a bit off.
Tilly was only subdued for about 24hr after that it was a job to keep her quiet.
She didn't have a neck bucket all we did was to rub teatree lotion around the wound. They sell it at Pets at Home.
Thank you all for your lovely comments. Pippa this morning was feeling a lot better. She is not so keen on the cone, my husband took it off for a bit and she immediately wanted to lick and scratch her scar. I might end up trying the baby vest, thank you for the tip. Pippa had the conventional spay not keyhole. Would be great to meet up at the look out sometime Colin . How is Betty
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