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We are seriously thinking of getting a cockerpoo as our first dog - I have a few questions regarding grooming if you would be so kind as to help me out !:)

How long each day does it take to groom and work out the matts? Are they quite hard work or OK? What are they like compared to poodles or does it depend upon the coat type?

We are hoping for a more poodle like coat with tigher curls I think - or is this more hard work to maintain and grrom?

We would ofc be more than happy to spend time grooming our pup but I just wanted to know before we take the plunge what time this will take up - I'd hate to have the little pup and then have a shock when I relaise just how much time it takes.

Is the grooming and clipping OK to do on your own or is it quite skilled? Sounds a bit scarey clipping a dog! :eek: even though I cut my hibby hair with clipper - he does sitstill though (well relatively!!).

Any honest advice would be really welcome.

Do they have an undercoat? I think I have read somewhere that they do - does this cause issues? Do poodles have such an undercoat too or is it from the cocker side?

Sorry for all the questions but I really want to make sure we get the right dog so we dont let hom down.

Thanks !
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