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Further to recent posts and threads, which creates nothing but bad feeling among members and ruins the forum for many. Mods have decided that the following will be STRICTLY adhered to, without exception!

ANY postings or threads which we consider derogatory toward ANY other member will immediately removed. If ANY member wishes to raise any issues with another member it is to be done off the ILMC forum. This includes any breeder issues, ethics debates or otherwise. Anyone that continues to break these rules will incurr infractions and bans. This applies to everyone, there will be no exceptions. We are afraid there will be no further warnings this rule must be adhered to. All decisions are at the discretion of the mod and admin team and are FINAL.
We hope this will mean a return to a peaceful, informative forum that can be enjoyed by all.
Your consideration and agreement to abide by this will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.
The mod team.
Karen and Amanda.
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