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Potty Training

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My two year old cockapoo spends the day in the house while my husband and I work with our mininature poodle. Occasionally he has an accident in the house (#2). I know it's him, the other dog is about half his size. This is rare, once every couple of months, so I hate to crate or confine him. Is there any way to ensure that he is trained completely?
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how long is he left in the house on his own for ?
Can you arrange for a dog walker to take him out for a daily walk half way through the day? I can't imagine a dog going the whole day without needing a wee.
I know someone who has several small dogs and she has a dog flap for them. When Dylan was there for the day he learnt to use it too.
That's a great idea Dexter would love a dog flap! Did Does Dylan still fit in it?
Yes he's been there since he was fully grown. She works and her dogs run in and out as they want.
I have a cat/dog flap too - it's brilliant not just for Phoebe to go out for a wee if I'm out, but she can go and have a sniff about the garden if she fancies, chase the cat when he goes out......we originally had a normal cat size one (for a cat) and our Cavalier copied the cat, so we got a bigger one for Phoebe (Cocker) :)
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