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Hello Everyone,

After a long search, we have finally found the cockapoo puppy we have been looking for!
We are all very excited, especially our 8 year old daughter and 13 year old son.
Now our excitement needs to turn to focus as we turn our attention to preparing ourselves to welcome our new addition.
As this will be our first puppy.
We have read a couple of the threads so are already finding the forum a huge help. We would appreciate any advice that anyone has to offer.

Rich, Lou, Sam and Lily.
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My suggestion would be crate training. It's the biggest help when you own a dog. I suggest you do some reading up about it. In my eyes,a crate is an essential. My Dexter doesn't like the metal type and prefers the soft sided travel crate. He's happy in this at home at night or when we have to go out,in the car travelling,even if it's just to the country park,or on holiday. It makes things much easier when visiting folk too. We always take the crate anyway,because Dexter travels in it,so should he need a time out or a quiet space away from everyone then he has one that is very familiar and comforting to him.

Good luck with your new puppy! I hope you manage to enjoy the pup as well as cleaning up all the poos and wees! :D
I agree with the crate training. Daisy has been sleeping like a champ at night in her crate since night 3 home with us. As a mother I cannot believe how similar bringing home a new puppy is like brining home a new baby. Even at 18 weeks I have to schedule Daisy's naps and bedtimes. She will often times become a crazy animal and I will know she is over tired. I am sure you will quickly beable to read her cues just like you were with your own kids.
Lol I felt that I looked like a new mum as well apart form sick stains on your shoulder.. Mable would even cry when she was tired and needed putting to bed... dont want to put you off, sorry, its all short lived, hard work to start with but certainly worth it.. good luck, Have you decided on a name for your new addition, what mix and colour is he/she x
Thank you everyone for your advice. We are prepared for the hard work and are determined to get things right.
We think we will call our young man "Ted". His mother is a miniature poodle and his father is a very handsome looking cocker.
He is a light champagne colour and luckily we only have a 30 min drive to collect him.
Anyone got any pointers on pet insurance?
P.s. thanks to this forum, we are reading our way through Gwen Bailey's very informative book!
Great to hear your new puppy, congratulations .. Ted is a lovely name :)

There is some information here which may help any new puppy owners:

My only advice would be don't expect too much from your pup. Ted has not read the training manual and is going through a huge emotional life changing experience. Be patient consistant and calm. You will be suprised just how vocal a pup can be but it all works out in the end then you get pup two! Good luck.
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