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Primary Enforcer of Rules

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Is anyone else the person who primarily doles out training and/or the most limits on behaviour? Waldo is with me in the office from 8-4:30, we are strictly on leash walks since we are in town, and I am constantly having to "no, no, no" in the office when it comes to jumping/barking/trying to chew books (all good, I redirect and treat as deserved)...

But when we get home my OH basically gets the "fun" end of the deal, which bums me out a little. Leash free walks, playing fetch, and sitting cuddling watching TV. I do participate in some of that but...

How do you convince your pup that you're fun too?!? Should I make more of an effort to give Extra-Special Treats? I feel like the nagging mom most of the time...
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Sounds like the typical family setup! Can only suggest maybe a quick run off-leash before work with a ball?? And weekends. Mummies are inevitably the bad guys who do all the discipline, but at least you have him with you the most.
Maybe during the day at say lunchtime, you can have some quality play time. Interact with a toy, they love that. :)
Bake him a doggy treat .. and as you baked it .. you are the only one to give this to him as a reward :)

You will be a top mummy then :)
You are the pack leader and Waldo will respect you the most. As he grows up he will obey you and you will find him much easier to manage than your OH will. Do you have children? You just described the exact same situation in our home bringing up the kids (now 27/29) as well as Izzy. Yes the kids love daddy to bits, but who do they come to for help and advice? Who do they tell their exciting news to first etc...................... Certainly don't lower your standards to be popular, the rewards will come later. xx
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oh yes. my mum is constantly undermining my training, she constantly uses the down command to get them off the couch etc. or wait to get them to stay when i use wait for crossing roads meaning slow down and stay with me.

i train, feed, walk, groom, etc no one els in the house does it, but that was the deal only me and my mum take to do with the dogs.

last week was very odd as i had to relinquish control of the girls in a public place to the kids for the dog show. i felt very out of control and the dogs aren't used to being taken away from me and are fine for so long then want to get back to me.
No, we don't have children, and just spoke with a friend who does, and she said much the same of what you kind folks are saying here :) I'll just stay The Big Meanie and know he'll appreciate it more when he gets older HAHA (although my OH hasn't started appreciating that facet of me yet... hmmmmmm)
Its a very special bond... he will always look to you ... you may feel like a meanie but you will clearly be his master and the one he comes to when he needs security or comfort.. I think Oakley like my hubby best ... but that is because he enjoys daddies walks ... but he knows I am the one with the tuna cake treats and I hold the pigs ears too ha ha ha .. he looks to me for commands but then just ignores me :(
I use three different treats a basic biscuit then a natures diet soft treat AND THEN super sausage ;) which is used for special things like walking past dog and ignoring or coming away when playing with other dogs.
I also have three different toys that he only gets when out on walks never at home and i find this works really well, keep at it keep consistant and he will come round. Good luck.
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