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Pru's haircut

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Before haircut.....

After haircut :)

She was brilliant, not a peep out of her according to the groomer. She very much enjoyed her 'spa day' !!
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AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! omg! she is so amazingly adorable!!! look at those eyes!
Bless her she looks adorable (before and after!!). I always think it's lovely to be able to see their eyes again after a trim!! x
She looks absolutely adorable with her new haircut - they did a fantastic job :) Did you ask for a 'puppy cut'? Best wishes, Karen x
Pru you look so cute .. I am pleased she had a lovely time on her spa day :)

Cockapoo spa day .. they are such lucky pups xxx
Awww she is an angel! Such lovely eyes with a lot of expression in them :D Loving her new hair cut xx
I just looked again, she really is just so adorable!!!! eeee I want a cuddle!
Lovely!:) She is beautiful, how old is she? xxx
Aw, thanks guys!! Pru is 15 weeks old tomorrow. The groomer did an amazing job, although I do love her when she is a little bit longer and wavy. We just asked for a wash and trim really, didn't give any specifics. At least she can see again now :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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