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Pup shopping Day

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Off shopping to day for Mollie bits and pieces ... one thing in particular will be a spray for when she has accidents in the house - I have read that we will need a good quality spray to ensure the smell is totally cleaned away. can anyone recommend a good one?

Hopefully Pets at Home might do a good range as we are off there today!! Collar, lead etc. Yippee can't wait.
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We used a product called UrineOff for Scarlett's accidents. I am from Ontario, not sure if this product is available worldwide, but it worked well for us. There are lots to choose from though!

You have probably already gone shopping by now, but I hope that you had a great time!! Puppy shopping is so much fun :)
I bought this one which seemed to work but the smell is slightly off putting!


Make sure you tell us about your goodies that you have bought! :)
I bought 'urine off' too (you'd think theyd come up with a better name!) and it seems to have worked so far, I got it from Pet Planet. Happy shopping :)
Bah - didn't end up going this weekend after all. But .. breeder emailed me to say Mollie has been wormed this week and is up and about (if a little wobbly). Three weeks old already !
I've got Simple Solution from Pets at Home - its very good. They do one for carpets & one for hardfloors
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