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i'm looking to buy a pup in uk does anyone know where i can find a good breeder? thanks greets steven ps im seeking for a miniature one
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I take it you're wanting a miniature poodle crossed cockapoo by this thread?
Depends whether you're wanting English/American & show/working cocker spaniel...
Different breeders breed different cockapoo breeds, so a little more information & people may be able to give their advice/opinions :)
breedersonline.com. pets4homes and Epupz.

what tipe of cocker cross are you after, boy or girl, do you have a colour in mind.
hi people

sorry i forgot a few things i mend a miniature american cocker a boy an a show cocker i hope i gave you guys enough information.

i have one other question however i'm from belguim so i have to inport the dog can i just come in the uk buy a pup and leave or what must i do?

thanks for all the answers so far.
i don't know about that i think the pup has to be a certain age to leave the country as he will need different vaccinations and a pet passport.
oke i have some info now in januari it changes all to bring dogs from and to the uk.

this was send to my from an breeder in the uk.

Actually i have just had a call from my Vet who has informed me that DEFRA's guidelines are changing as of the 1st of January 2012. This means that a puppy no longer has to have a blood test before a pet passport can be issued.

Our vet may also be able to give the necessary rabies jab at 4-6 weeks, after the 21 day wait this means the puppy could leave at 8-9 weeks with the rest of its litter.

Rabies jab and issue of a pet passport costs around £100 and is payable by the new owner.
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do you know that this is a good breeder? any buyers www.doodlepets.co.uk

thanks for the reply's
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