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Puppy countdown can officially begin!

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Firstly I want to thank you for all your great advice, both in person when i went on the cockapoo bushy park meet in march and also online.

I have been doing so much cockapoo research over the last 4 months (bordering on obsession) and am finally in a position to definitely commit to a puppy. We exchanged on our flat sale/house purchase in Brighton today and now know we will definitely be in a position to have our puppy at the end of July! :)

I have found a great hobby breeder who I am really happy to go with. She has provided me with lots of information and has been extremely helpful, sending photos and replying to emails straight away. My F1B puppy was born on sunday to a cream cockapoo mother and a cream miniature poodle dad. We can choose him/her in 3 and a half weeks!

Just hope the cats know what's coming!

I will update you when I go and visit with photos of the chosen puppy!

Just had to share my excitement!

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awww, you sound so excited, can't wait to hear more when you get your pup.
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