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Puppy destruction?!

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Axle is going crazy! lol Lately he has been a little butthead. He scratches the screen on our front window, tears apart his kennel (taking out his blanket and running it through the house) he ate little holes in his "favorite" pillow which I had to throw out, he takes blankets off the couch and chews them and so on. Whats going on?!?!?! lol Oh, and when we feed him (just sometimes) he will take his water bowl and flip it which makes a mess. :(

And, on top of this I am a little worried. My husband and I are back at work, we both work nights so this is Axles new schedule.

Crate 10pm - 7 am (our shift)
Out of crate, 8:30 am (we go to the gym after work) - noon
Crate Noon - 9pm (sleep)

Rinse and repeat. He is in his crate all the time now with work. :(
Will he get used to it?
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My friend has someone who has hers for the day while she s at work it might be worth looking into. I work a couple of nights and Wilf can sleep all day with me after sleeping the night , but he is three . But now with Mabel being just 12 weeks I ve been doing split nights cos cant get enough sleep to do two together and Im "dog" napping on the settee . Ofcourse when I need to sleep she does nt and on the days Im not working boy does she dream ... hoping things will get easier. Good luck Know exactly how you feel Im shattered x x
hope your managing to sort things outand get some sleep cos sleep depravation really is terrible and everything seems so much worse when your shattered ... hope your all ok x
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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