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Puppy evening routine

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Hi all,

We've recently got our first family dog, Maisie, a toy Cockerpoo. She's doing really well and settling in nicely (11 weeks old). We're a bit uncertain about what we should be doing in the evening prior to her bedtime.

We put her down at 10pm in the evening when we go to bed, but before this she is knackered. Silly question but is it OK for her to just chill and sleep in the evening or will this effect the quality of her night-time sleep and how easily she settles down? I try to play with her in the evening to tire her and stimulate her mind but not an hour or so before bed.

I then make sure she is awake from 9.30pm onwards and take her out a good 15 mins before bed to let her completely potty.

We're not sure whether we should have an evening sleep routine or just take a more laid back approach and let our girl relax and fit in around us. Rather than relaxing myself I find myself trying to keep our girl awake before bed Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
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Is she settling ok at night and sleeping well? If so then all sounds pretty good to me.

Dogs are pretty lazy lots of the time and pups need lots and lots of sleep
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