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Hi everyone..l just need to let off steam.
It's a given puppy farms are vile, totally unacceptable.
But l find all breeders are suffering because of it..l have a beautiful litter of 4 pups,the one and only litter of my 4 year old cockerpoo...and l cannot find homes for them no matter how much effort l put into my advertising on pets4homes...l am quite distressed..they are so adorable, cute and lively..but no one is interested....can anyone please suggest a good place to find these little bundles of black curls there forever home..
Oh bless i feel your pain.... yiunare exactly who I would buy off!!! We purchased our gorgeous girl from a 'large' well known breeder, she recently died at the age of 9 from sudden heart failure and her sibling also died of the same a year earlier at 8!!! I'm sure this IS a result or over breeding and waiting on a conclusive report from the veterinary hospital.
For you I would maybe suggest yiur unique selling point is that your are a homely breeder, much loved family pet, come andnvisit meet mum in her natural environment FULL checks required x puppy farms and large continuous breeders have caused harm but you are perfect and those that truly care where they are getting their pups from will find yiu xxx
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