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Puppy Love Flower Arragement

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Sent my friends this flower arrangement called Puppy Love for their wedding decorations. They thought they were Alvin and Simon, my Cockapoos!

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What lovely flowers so creative!

Clare and Bertie
They are really beautiful, they do resemble alvin and simon (i think it's the fluffy white fur);)
What a lovely gift x

Leanne x
Oh that's lovely- would love to receive a gift like that.:)
Lovely cockapoo flowers .. but not as cuddly as he real thing :) :)
so cool! wow and out of carnations!
I love it!
did u make yourself?
so beautiful xx
I wish I was that creative!

I love it!
did u make yourself?
so beautiful xx
I ordered the arrangement from 1-800-flowers.com. Since my friends love dogs, I found the perfect doggie arrangement. The important part is that the local florist did a spectacular job!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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