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Hello puppy experts :)

I just had a quick question about puppy pads.

When we got little Pru at 9 weeks, she had been 'paper trained' - ish, by the breeder. She will now quite happily go to the toilet outside, but we do still have a few accidents! She is now just over 11 weeks and is left in the kitchen/ utility room with access to her crate and toys and a puppy pad by the back door, while we are at work. She is checked on and taken outside at 10.30, 12.30, 2.15ish and then at 5pm we are back from work.

Quite often, she has had a wee on the pad, when she is checked, which is obviously preferable to the floor, but I was wondering how and when we should phase out the pads and try and get her to hold on in between visits?

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