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puppy search

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Hi everyone just joined i am searching for a puppy boy mainly white/cream
apricot markings .ears etc having had dogs all of my life, i find a void having lost my dalmation aged 12yrs,a few months ago to ill health ive research the breed and love the mix they seem great with kids,willing to travel for the right pup.Can anyone help ?:cool:
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Hi & welcome :) Sorry to hear about your dalmation :(
Cockapoos are amazing though :) My Izzie is cream with apricot ears :D
She is from Anzil cockapoos in Liverpool, just incase you want to take a look...

But what breed cross are you looking for?
English/American cocker spaniel, working/show cocker, toy/miniature poodle?
Obviously different breeders will breed different mixes...
Izzie is an english show cocker x minature poodle :)
& here is a picture to give you an idea of colour.

P.S. We will be getting our second little girl in a few days from the same place :D
Good luck with your puppy search!
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Hi Sir Barkalot (love the name btw),

Welcome to the site!

What kind of Cockapoo are you interested in getting? Working type/Show type/American x Miniature/toy Poodle? All are different in terms of look, size and temperament/energy levels.

What you’re looking for colour-wise is quite specific and I’m not sure where you’re based in the country or when you would like your new addition but I know of a hobby breeder in Kent called Ian Smith – his Gold Working Cocker bitch Cleo and Miniature Poodle have recently had a litter. My boyfriend Marcus and I went to visit them in August and were really impressed – he does all the necessary health checks. The only reason we’re not going to get our Cockapoo from him is because he won’t have a litter within our desired timeframe.

If you look on Breeders Online under ‘Breeders’ you will be able to find him.

Best of luck – let us know how you get on!

Turi x
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Hi Sir Barkalot .. welcome to the forum .. great to hear you are planning to get a cockapoo ..

Keep us posted on your search xxx
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