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Coco cockapoo 18 weeks
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Hi, so I’m 20 and this is my first time ever having a puppy. Had him since I believe 10 weeks old and a full breed Cockapoo and now 10 months old. He is very stubborn and picks and chooses when he wants to actually be potty trained. Some weeks he only goes out side. Other weeks he only goes inside. He is very stubborn and I take him out side he sniffs and then the second he’s inside he pees and poops on his pad. How can I prevent this and fully train him to where I can take him out in public? He gets very jealous too so if I’m talking to someone he looks at me then pees next to my foot! This is very frustrating at times and can be embarrassing if out in public. How can I prevent this?
I'd go back to the start ditch the puppy pads keep takin him out and really really praise him when he does it outside
1 - 2 of 2 Posts