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So from Saturday until this Thursday (6 days total) I have/will been watching my friend's puppy, who is a 6 month old terrier mix of some sort (he's a rescue). Lucy is 7 1/2 months and they got along great the few times we've met at the dog park, so I was super excited to let the 2 of them hang out and see what it was like having 2 dogs, since we would eventually like a 2nd.

BUT I didn't expect how much energy he would have! He just plays non-stop with Lucy, and after a while she starts growling at him when she is trying to settle down and he comes up and bites her ears/fur. He is just go go go and I am really starting to miss just cuddling with Lucy! We usually lay around together on the couch, and for the past few days I haven't been able to because of him. I was thinking that after a while of playing they would just lay down and nap together, but so far that hasn't happened at all! Lucy will lay down and Remy just keeps bugging her. I took them both for an hour walk to the park yesterday and thought that would help him settle down, but nope, he was just as hyper when we got home.

I am thinking now that I don't want another one if it's going to be like this. I can't give Lucy the attention and cuddles that she wants because of the other dog. Does it eventually mellow out for those of you that have 2 or more dogs? Or does the terrier just have more energy than cockapoos? Lucy is very mellow in comparison, and she is not that much older than Remy!

Heres a little video for you all too! They are pretty cute together!!

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What food is he on. have you tried braking up the play time. giving them some time apart.
Having a 2nd dog isnt always as hard work. terrier tent to be high energ, its alsi combined with the fact he doesnt live with another dog, a bit like kids its a novolty.

but i am realy interested in what food he is on.
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