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Hi all, I am a little puzzled as to why Eddie does this....

When we go out of long periods of time I always leave a stuffed kong and hide a raw hide treat or something similar in the house but when we get home the treat and kong are still intact?

We usually find them on our bed with an old dog lead and one of my slippers - Eddie takes these things to bed but doesn't eat the food and then we are sure he just sleeps?

After he has done his wiggly bum, present in mouth greeting he then gets the treat and kong and eats them - I'm puzzled?! Why doesn't he eat them while we are out?

Does anyone elses poo do this?
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Yes! Treacle never eats anything - treat or meal when we are out - it seems that she just sleeps! We do not leave her for long [max 3 hours so far]
When we return she says her hellos and then goes to her dish / treat and makes a start.
Strange isn't it? We need a doggy psychologist to help us out..........
Well I'm glad its not just me who has a strange dog ;)

There must be a doggy psychologist amongst us?
the vet i work with has 3 dogs, the collie is quite normal and will eat anything/anytime (and she was the rescue dog), the terrier will only eat in human company- she will go and get a mouthful of food, bring it into the room and eat it with you, the lurcher will not let you watch her eat and will only eat during the night when everyone is asleep!! Needless to say she has to leave food down all of the time as they are all so picky!! (they are all girls though)!:D
Weller does this too, I put it down to him feeling most relaxed when we are home and in a sense let him off duty. I think perhaps he feels a "watch dog" when left on his own, not destuctive or barky but just " on house watch" and when we get back he relaxes and goes about his business he has had no time for while on his own as he has been far to busy looking after everything!?!?:)
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I have noticed with previous dogs that they won't eat treats when left alone in the house. I suspect they just go into a kind of waiting mode until their owner gets back. Dylan actually is the first dog I've had who does chew the bone that I leave him as he doesn't seem too upset at being left.
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hi wispa will eat some of the treats i leave and hide some for later, i think its cuz she is on house watch while we're out so is a little too stressed to eat it all. she hides treats all over the house every time i give her a new toy or big treat anyway lol
Its really quite sweet that they do that dont you think? Have been tempted to leave Pixie out of her crate if im popping to take kids to school,but worried what i might find when i get back! Maybe she would just sleep? She is toilet trained,so could always try it tomorrow :)
Daisy does the same thing but I put it down to her being stressed when I leave her. I could put the tastiest chicken carcass in her crate but all she seems to able to focus on is the fact she has been left. :(

We also have the wiggly bum greeting and excited 'I thought I would never see you again' licks and fuss and then she eats whatever it was that I left for her!
Bramble does this too its almost like she doesn't move until we return home and then its RELAX they can keep guard now !
Thanks for that everyone, I suppose I should be pleased that he isn't destroying anything, but you think you're doing them a favour leaving tasty treats while you are out and then they don't eat them? Bizarre!

Might do a bit of research...
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