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Question about vacinations

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What age do they have their second jab, and how long before they can go out. We are going to Burghley at end of Aug when George will be 13 weeks, will he be able to go?
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We had Beau's first at 8 weeks and then second 2 weeks later at 10 weeks and she was allowed to go out a week after this at 11 weeks but some vets like you to leave 2 weeks after the second jabs so will be 12 weeks. George should be fine to go to Burghley :)
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Dylan was given his first jab at the breeders at 8 weeks, his second at 11 weeks and was advised not to go out for 2 weeks after that, although some vets say 1 week. The second jab needs to be the same brand as the first, so if your breeder is giving the first then you will have to find a vet that uses the same vaccine. So you should just about make Burghley!
eek bit of a worry if not, suppose could always take him back to vets that breeder uses
eek bit of a worry if not, suppose could always take him back to vets that breeder uses
My vet used a different brand and suggested that I start again with the full set - I politely declined and rang round all the local surgeries until I found one who used the correct brand.
ooh didn't know that, thanks will ask breeder tomorrow if she knows which brand her vet uses
just tallied up and he will be 13 and half weeks when we go to Burghley. Should be interesting! :)
Inca was done with a different second vacc but the others were all Nobivac.
My vet told me that the manufacturer won't warranty immunity if a different brand is used but they didn't say that there could be a bad reaction.
oh and i cant remember with Gypsy and Inca but with Echo and Delta they were out waliking the day after their 2nd vacc, but they were at class and around vaccenated dogs from 8 weeks old.
Poppy had her 1st jab before we picked her up, our vet used a different brand so she ended up having 3 jabs.
As Helen has said the drug manufacturers claim that the vaccines are not compatible, I did ring around local vets but could not find one that used the same brand as the breeders vet so for peace of mind had a full course from my vet. It was frustrating having to wait the extra week or so to be able to take her out for a walk, but no longer than if she had not been vaccinated.
mine were at 8 and 10 wks and allowed out a week later !
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