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Reached a difficult place with a 7 month old pup

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My wife and I have had many happy dogs over the years. Sadly my wife became allergic to dogs and we went 20 years before we discovered a neighbors Cockapoo. It didn’t bother my wife so we bought a 8 week old pup. Note we used to have Jack Russell Terriers, so energetic smart dogs are something we are used to.

Biscuit is a male and has been a biter since day 1. Those puppy teeth were nasty and Biscuit was very hard to break of biting us and our clothing. Finally the adult teeth came and things improved until...

My wife has been glued to Biscuit. She trains him, takes him outside, goes on walks, and takes him everywhere. He is well behaved in public and loves other dogs. He is just OK with peo_le, a bit shy.

Now the sad part. Biscuit continues to bite my wife. She has bruises all over her body and some bites have broken skin. She puts endless love into Biscuit and he randomly just starts biting at her. Biscuit isn’t as bad with me.

Tonight my wife broken down in tears. She said she has to get rid of Biscuit. She said she cannot take the physical abuse anymore. She was bleeding from a bite.

Biscuit can be warm and loving and always is happy to greet you. He has a spirit to him that is incredible. But he also has a dark side and these temper tantrums or aggressive behavior.

Biscuit is scheduled for a shot tomorrow and my wife will be talking to our vet. But my wife is at the end of her patience and I am concerned about her well-being. We have never had a dog do this.

I can’t help but wonder if our breeder was not very good and Biscuit has issues.

Any comments or help are appreciated. We have had a very tough night since we love this dog so much, but it is really harming my wife.

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Pups generally bite because it is effective and works, they need to learn that it doesn’t work, if this is a continuation of puppy biting I would be looking at how your wife reacts to it, does she yell and make sudden movements of push the pup away? All of these can be seen as huge fun by pups and will cause the behaviour to continue.

Alternately if you think the pup is showing real aggression when is the biting happening and what is happening at that time?

Vets are the people I would go to for any health issues, good reward based trainers are who I would be reaching out to for this. Video the behaviour as it might really help a trainer understand why it is happening. Happy to look at any videos and try to help from over the pond with at least understanding why the pup is doing it and what steps you need to take to resolve it.
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