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Hi guys, so we go for a next visit of Bo tomorrow as she is 4 weeks old (only 4 weeks to go), and was looking for some advice and tips for good leads, collars, toys and bell for the door for toilet training etc that you used and found worked well that you may have got on line and things to avoid, i would imagine its much like your first child you end up with lot of stuff you didn't need or use.

will post some pic's after our visit.

One excited family.
(John, Jacy and Samuel)
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I have 2 leads one is a goog strong rope type lead and the other is an ezy dog lead(this has a little elasticity, it helps with the pulling)

Toy wise i wouldn't buy much just a good strong ball for retrieving, i have a rope type toy aswell with a ball attached, they love playing with empty plastic bottles (no lids) lots of things for chewing stag bars/pigs ears raw bones etc (are a must) believe me..

As for the training bells alot of people use the poochie bells, i havn't had any experience with these but alot have given some good reviews.

Good luck with Bo, i bet you can't wait till she comes home, 4 weeks will soon fly by :D
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