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Refreshing the page!!

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Is there anyway of stopping this happening?? I hate writting a reply then when i come to post it says im not logged in and need to refresh the page ,then i loose all my work!! Very annoying.
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Obvious question but when you sign in have you ticked the little box at the side which says remember me?

I've had that problem on other forums before

Simon and Poppy
Its not always that. i always tick the box but i sometimes get logged out. I just put it down to being my computer because it happens with other accounts i set to log in all the time.
Ticking that box solved that problem for me.
Another problem with windows based computers are the cookies. Delete those and you can loose automatic log ins. There is also a privacy option in windows as far as I remember that you clck to forget passwords/usernames etc, should be under cleaning hard drive. Sometimes this is selected as default and you need to uncheck it. The number of times I've did that and had to contact the Halifax for a new username (they are default and just a list of numbers) because I couldn't get into my account

use chrome....it is the least finisky internet tool
I had this problem too a while back, I also just tick the box now, but have forgotten a couple of times if it happens again the best thing to do is click on your user name and sign back in then press back space a couple of times and yippee there is your unsent post and your still signed in so can send it xx( hope this helps)
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Even if you check the "remember me" box (which you should do unless you need/want to log in each visit), if you sit on the post reply page for a long time it might just time-out. Similar to how an online banking site will log you out after sitting on one page for a while.
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