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Hello all,
Hard to know where to begin. Yes I am still Ollie’s Mom. Ollie Pup (am not sure he’s ever had a thumbnail). I tried searching some of my prior posts, and do know I had posted a thumbnail of Mr Morgan, (who was originally Poo #2).
i don’t remember whether I posted his death on the forum or not. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 6 2014, a “victim“ of a local veterinary emergency hospital. You see, two legged children (and adults) who are receiving fluids after a surgical procedure have their fluids monitored by an electronic pump. Not so for 2 year old baby dogs. (I can write volumes about what happened … since my own vet allowed me to read the chart and report of the necropsy). I was so devastated, traumatized, guilty and immobilized it was a month before i was able to pick up his cremains. Ollie Puo was also very depressed. He didn’t understand what happened to his “bestie”.
The bright spot was picking up Boy George, Rockstar; affectionately known as the Boo In August of 2014. I had called Mr Morgan’s breeders to tell them. Within a week one of them called me back, and told me he had a year old cockapoo puppy who was deaf from birth, and asked if I’d like to adopt him. Would I? Ollie and I couldn’t get to Florida fast enough!! Raising a deaf little guy is another long. story which i will also postpone. Thus BoyGeorge, Rockstar actually is now Poo Two, and will be10 this year.
Padraig, aka PaddyBoy came from the same breeders (who became friends after we furst picked up Mr Morgan in 2012). He will be a year in 12 days, yes indeed, on March 17. So PaddyBoy is Poo ThreeBut he is named after one of my great uncles. Mr Morgan was named for my uncle and godfather. The Rockstar already had the name George, but his spunky attitude, spikey “dreads” and overall demanded adding “Boy“ to his name. Oddly Boy George is PaddyBoy’s “great uncle,”
for those who keep up with these things is a Brown Phantom, and an F5, an escape artist, and runs like a greyhound.
Thats all the time I have for now. I have issues with them all, so will be looking to you all for help and guidance.
Regards, most particularly to those of you who were so helpful and encouraging when Ollie Pup really was a pup, and remain active.
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