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hi tasha
she does look lovely, what a shame she has to go to another home, i hope she gets someone that keeps her this time?
they are asking for a new owner to pay for her, may be thats why they are not taking her back to the breeder because they wont get any money back from them.
im sure someone will snap her up soon.
Unfortunately I'd say virtually no breeder offers a full "refund" - some tend to shut the door once a puppy leaves for it's new home - though some will look to find an alternative home if asked (it does depend on the specific situation).

In all honesty I'd hate to see any dog offered to a new home "free of charge" as you do not know where it would end up !!!! - so we certainly condone a "donation" being offered to the owner if such a situation arose.

We always advise setting a realistic price (to weed out the undesirables) and allow it to be flexible dependent on the actual Home being offered.

I have already e-mailed this lady - as part of The Cockapoo Club of GB looks to find both Foster Homes (short or long-term) and Forever Homes - and we have an ever increasing database of people putting themselves forward to offer each and/or both. This list grows on a daily basis (and is always open).
So far we have offered support to those in a difficult situation and assisted with rehoming 2 young puppies without any undue stress to puppy, owner or new home - We remain totally non-judgmental in any situation.
We do currently have a young female offered for a Forever Home - however we do have several offers of a new home with-whom the original owner has open dialogue.

If anyone does come across such an advert - then please advise them of our details - and if anyone on here is able to offer whatever home they can - then the CCGB would love to hear from you.

I would like to point out - we do not pair a Cockapoo with the first person to respond - nor do we offer it to the first person on our list - we actually look to place any dog offered for rehoming with the best home possible given the situation surrounding that specific need.

Stephen X
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