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Reputable breeder please

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Hope to buy a cockapoo girl soon , parents should be Pra tested. I live in Lanarkshire, Scotland but would be prepared to travel forthe right girl. Would hope to breed her in two yrs if all goes well. Grateful for any advice :)
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hey welcome where abouts in lanarkshire are you if you dont mind me asking, im north lanarkshire, we traveled to lincolin for all our girls but im sure their are breeders closer now.

check out this thread http://ilovemycockapoo.com/showthread.php?t=1156&highlight=breeding some quistions you should ask yourself before concidering breeding.
Along with PRA (which can be proven clear by parentage I think) You should also find a breeder that does the test for slipped stiffle, maybe even hips if your looking for a larger sized girl. Many breeders have akc provable parentage, the best have champions as close relatives or even direct parents. If you truly want the best, look into shipping too. Often the best won't be in driving range.

These guys http://www.cockapooclub.com/ have a list to the left of breeders with pups, they also tell you what testing is done.

Good luck! :)
Finding the right breeder

Hi everyone
Has anyone on here got a puppy from Rosedale Doodles? Thanks in anticipation!! Neesyanne

This is a litter of F1 pups in fife, don't know anything about the breeder but saw the advert this morning. Best bet is to phone the breeder and ask lots of questions.
Emma x
LOOK on breeders on line
Thanks tp all for advice, will keep you posted
Thanks do you know anyone who has shipped
i know someone who is shipping a dog fromthe US to the UK but the she had to wait till the dog was a year old and she will never do it again as it has been so complicated and exspencive.

epupz, breeders online and no gumtree seems to have become popular for cockpoos.

We were recommended The Ryslip Group Ltd by our Vet, they are a specialist livestock shipping company. Their e-mail address is [email protected]
Have now chosen our new girl, she is from Sylml breeders , a gorgeous apricot girl. We collect her on 22nd and are all sooo excited . Will post pictures and her name as soon as.
Name changes daily at present, currently like Rosie, Jenni and Masie, once we see her we will decide
My sister-in-law got her cockapoo (now 15 weeks old) from Sylml and Millie is gorgeous so I'm sure Rosie/Jenni/Masie will be too. :D
Good luck in finding your new girl.I live in South Lanarkshire and have just sold a litter of cockapoos.We are going down to Lincolm next week for our new girl.We own two standard poodles and cant wait to be the owner of a cockapoo.x
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