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Rocko Picture Update 4 weeks old

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So he is 4 weeks old and there is 4 weeks to go... :D
He is looking really red compared to other apricot cockapoos I have seen.

Time is going sooo slowly!!

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Awk lovely little man... Im sure you cannot wait...
Eeeekkkk! He is sooo adorable! I know you are marking off the days!! Love that face!!
omg i love him!!!! He is definately red and a stunner too!! xxx
Mandy do you think so?? im really excited... i hope he will get chunkier... i just forget that he is only 4 weeks old I want to feed him up. Gosh I am such a mummy.

I am too too excited. This I am guessing will be the last picture I will get till I get to pick him up as I have asked Sylvia for 3 updates loool.
Thanks all for sweet comments... xxx
OMG. He is so gorgeous. Does the breeder have any left? :)
He looks stunning can't wait to see how he develops.

I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?dd0ldk
Oh he is to die for :D
He will change quite a bit over the next couple of weeks and become so much more fluffy. Enjoy the build up :) xx
She did I am not sure if she does, He is from Sylml cockapoos contact Sylvia she is lovely. They have another litter due in August ready to leave in October I wanted a girl was considering waiting till then as this litter was only boys... But I just couldnt wait.
And he is just such a nice colour I didnt want to miss out on that. I am in LOVE with him. :p
Rocko is beautiful or should that be handsome.... such a fab colour. The Reds are definitely getting very popular now.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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