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Rosie's first walk.

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Well at long last, time to give Rosie her first experience of the big world, a walk on the beach. And she loved it :smile:.
Even got praise from a dog trainer working with a client for letting Rosie run free at such a young age and and being able to interact with the other dogs on the beach.

Here is another one of my videos. Note school boy error finger in corner of shot , it was so bright, it was just piont and hope.:D

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Ahhh Colin lovely video, loved the way Rosie would run so far after Poppy then turn back to find you and your wife. Lovely spot to walk... can feel a North East meet coming on x
Lovely video, lovely beach! How lucky you are to be so close to the sea. How brave to let your little one off the lead. Not sure I'll be able to let Keltie off for ages, once I can take her out, but good on you.
What a brilliant video - looked like they were having so much fun free on the beach. Poppy is so bouncy and Rosie was sweet the way she stayed close by. Best wishes, Karen x
Ah, she looks so weeny next to Poppy! Big love from Chocolate Rosie to her little black namesake!
Ah that was lovely. Such a cutie, so small. :)
Thanks everybody.
We live on the western edge of Newcastle and its a 30 minute drive to the coast but well worth the effort. My favorite beach is Druridge bay an hours drive north, We will be there next weekend for the Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue fun weekend ( well worth a visit if anyone is in Northumberland next weekend ), doing flyball demonstrations with my flyball club Karma Kanines. But will still find time for a walk on the beach.
We are lucky living on the edge of the city as we are only minutes away from a bridle path network, some loverly country lanes and even a beautiful wooded dean.
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Oh so, so sweet....
Cockapoos and beaches just go together :)
aww looks like she had a fab time
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