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Roxi has changed so much!

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My groomer thinks she is going cafe au lait... she is SO much lighter than when she was brought home 11 months ago. Look!

9 Weeks:

6 Months:

1 year (today):

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Wow she looks so different! Looks like she went from black to chocolate.
No, she was never black... the first two pics are VERY bad. Here is a better one of her at 9 weeks:

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Wow! That's such a change!!!I like her markings :)
I've been trying to figure out what she is turning into. My groomer says cafe au lait, a breeder says possible sable with a melanistic mask... I don't know!

I love her though, she is unique!
she looks like a watter spanial we had at the kennels a couple of months ago, the same dark eyes and light coat.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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