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Royal Canin

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I'm currently feeding my 12 week old puppy Royal canin, which she enjoys so happy to stick with it. Is anyone else out there using it and if so what type? I have bought the one for medium dogs as she was on medium hills science plan from the breeder. When I emailed Royal Canin they said she should be on the one for small dogs but Cockapoos aren't classed as a small breed are they? Now I'm left really confused, any advice will be much appreciated.
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Hi Dexter is 14 weeks and has been on Medium Junior since coming from the breeders. I give him 50g (or a bit over) three times a day My vet said to stay on this and to give him a little bit more if he needed it.
Hi I was wondering if the green version is best for toy poodle/spaniel and the red is miniture poodle/spaniel as I know they class Dexter as a medium dog and I would have thought a toy poodle/spaniel is a small dog. I could be wrong on this as new to having a puppy and would appreciate any advice.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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